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Crib 5 Divan Bed Sets

51 products

    Crib 5 divan bed sets

    Do you need divan beds that are tested to meet strict UK fire regulations for residential buildings?

    Here at Contract Divan Beds, we provide a range of high-quality crib 5 divan bed sets for commercial use, ideal for guest houses, accommodations, and hotels.

    Our sets are available in different sizes and include a sturdy bed base, restful mattress, and supportive headboard - an essential trio for any guest room!

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    51 products

    What does crib 5 mean?

    Crib 5, also referred to as Ignition Source 5, from The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, is a strict fire regulation that states all furnishings in your commercial residential property, including your contract divan beds and mattresses, must be treated to minimise the risk of catching fire.

    To ensure your furniture meets these stringent regulations, the materials we use here at Contract Divan Beds, such as the upholstery fabric, mattress fillings, and timber are treated with flame retardant chemicals to make them extremely difficult to ignite.

    Why are crib 5 contract divan beds essential?

    Our crib 5 divan bed sets are vital in helping to prevent the spread of flames in the event of a fire on your premises, ultimately helping to save lives!

    Residential properties that must invest in crib 5 divan beds and mattresses include:

    - Hotels

    - Guest houses

    - Bed and breakfasts

    - Student accommodations

    - Residential flats

    - Hostels

    - Hospitals, hospices, and care homes

    Stylish and fire-safe beds

    Crib 5 beds from us won't compromise on style and aesthetic appeal - you can choose between a colourful array of different fabrics and shades that will complement your decor - whilst also keeping residents safe from fire.

    For expensive honeymoon suites, why not add a touch of glamour with a glitz velvet feel, available in a range of hues such as pink, silver, and red?

    Or, keep it neutral with our elegant wool effect upholstering in a bronze or latte shade, perfect for unisex student accommodations.

    Whatever your accommodation's aesthetic, we've got a perfectly matched design for you!

    Comfortable crib 5 divan bed sets

    Fire safety doesn’t need to be disagreeable.

    Offer your tenants or guests an unforgettable night's sleep on a plush sleeping surface with a supportive bed and snug mattress from us.

    Every bed base we stock has been created by our expert in-house manufacturers to offer ample amounts of support and be a secure base for your mattress to sit upon.

    What's more, we have a fantastic variety of affordable mattresses on offer for you to select from, such as open coil spring types or pocket sprung models.

    Why choose Contract Divan Beds?

    If you're looking for durability as well as offering a good night's sleep, we're the contract divan bed supplier for you!

    Here at Contract Divan Beds, we're dedicated to providing reliable bedroom furniture for commercial use that is safe and adheres to UK fire regulations for your peace of mind.

    From crib 5 divan bed sets, mattresses, and headboards, we only supply our clients across the UK with trusted products, designed to last for many years to come.

    Contact the Contract Divan Beds team today

    If you have any questions regarding our delivery service or simply want personalised recommendations, why not contact our friendly team today on 0333 533 0300? We’ll be more than happy to help you and offer tailored advice, bespoke for your accommodation.

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